Usufruct Surrender Remedy

ANNOUNCEMENT: See my new blog about this new remedy at

Watch the below Youtube 3/18/2014 video series by Boris on the “Usufruct Surrender” remedy to see how it fits with this “Indorsed Bill Remedy“:

TIP: Click to save and convert video to an MP3 audio file.

Also study this related UCC-1 filing and UCC-3 filing.  Click on the Document Number links at bottom of page.

Also read Boris’s OUTLINE for more research material.  Here is an alternate link to this research.

Here is Boris’s 5/17/2014 update video:

Here is a webcast with Jim Hebin, a friend of Boris:

Here is latest YouTube from Jim Hebin entitled “Completing the Usufruct“:

More discussions about Boris’s approach can be found on another blog in a post entitled “Usufruct Surrender Remedy“, and also in this thread.


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