There are significant scriptures in the Bible that predict this paradigm shift in “the latter days”.  The most significant scriptures are:

Hab 2:6-8
Micah 4:13
Zech 2:7-11
Isa 41:8-20
Isa 55:13
Isa 52:1-3
Isa 55:1,5
Mt 21:33-44

There is also a connection between this paradigm shift and the next TWO BIG EVENTS prophesied to occur on this planet as part of the phased Divine Plan to transform mankind into eternal spiritual beings of Light and Love like Himself, living together forever as a Divine Family in a spirit of COOPERATION instead of COMPETITION, without money and without cost, as it was originally in the Garden of Eden.

The next TWO BIG EVENTS will end the “military rule” currently oppressing God’s People because these events are the next TWO MILESTONES in the FULFILLMENT of the Divine Plan for Man-kind!  Read more about this in Our ‘Military Rule’ Cause & Cure.


See and Audio Messages for more information about this aspect of the paradigm shift.


One thought on “Prophecy

  1. The devil’s army will be smashed like bugs as we enter the Pillar of Light and Age of Aquarius. We are the Inheritors of an Infinite Estate as an eternal Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, rising like cream to the topmost Empyrean Heaven within Heavens…

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