The McFadden folder contains copies of Louis T. McFadden’s statement from the Congressional record that exposes the theft and treason of certain high officials in the Federal Reserve and in Congress.  He explains that the people are the credit of the nation and have a valid claim against the Federal Reserve, and that the Congressmen are the Trustees of the people, who are the Beneficiaries.

Accordingly, when the Beneficiaries indorse bills as authorization of receipt and for payment, the Trustees upon receipt of same from the Beneficiaries, become liable as a fiduciary to see that the associated obligations are fully discharged, dollar for dollar, in accord with the provisions of 12 USC 411 and 12 USC 95a(2).

If the Trustees fail to perform their fiduciary duties, injury and damages can be claimed via Navy JAG Claims & Tort Litigation (Code 15) (SF-95) for Stolen Property, or use a Common Law Claim approach.

We should never forget or unappreciate the efforts by Congressman McFadden, in the face of threats and attempts on his life, to bring us this remedy as an instrument of the Creator.


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