Making a claim in a Common Law Court of Record is the best course of action when one’s property is damaged by other men through the fictions of this world. We need to learn how to rebut presumptions by attorneys that recourse to Common Law is not legitimate.  A claim may be based on an ORDER FEE SCHEDULE that is unpaid, or on an injury in fact.

Perhaps this website’s services could be used to assist in making small claims:


Some Common Law research links:


Learn about the “office of man” and his “dominion“! Here are some audios on the “office of man” by David Clarence:

Episode 85 Description
Episode 85 Audio (Rightclick, Save As, to download MP3)
Episode 88 Description
Episode 88 Audio (Rightclick, Save As, to download MP3)

Karl Lentz is another advocate of using a Common Law court of record at your local public court buildings. The below link is to a very good video by Karl Lentz on December 17, 2013 while he was in the UK on the UK Column LIVE show. Karl starts at 58 minute mark, and his friend who he helped speaks at 35 minute mark. Karl explains making a claim as a man in own court, saying “I require the immediate restoration of property“. (click to play/stream video from Internet)   (topical list of Karl’s strategies)

TIP:  Video to MP3 converters
Use below free online links to convert and save Youtube videos to a MP3 audio files:

See more of Karl Lentz’s approach at and

Some of Karl’s court case filings are here:

In that regard, see this example template for a “claim of man at court“.

Here is a related template for an IRS claim:

Here are UK websites that have more templates, transcripts and audios about this:

This website has information from Bill Thorton on a “court of record“:

This website has educational material and videos on the sovereignty of people:

Perhaps this “claim by a man at court” technology can be used to claim damages when “Lawful Money Full Discharge Instruments” are dishonored. It would be good to form local study/support groups and blogs to learn and use the above common law strategies.




5 thoughts on “Claim

  1. this information WILL land you in jail !! and you will be looked at as a threat, a sovereign citizen, should you try to pull this crap. i am a voice of experience. i hope you heed this warning ! feel free to ask me questions !

  2. …and own/DBA your assumed name/DEBTOR ACCOUNT, and also tell them (as an alternative to “No”) that they are committing an act of inland piracy upon a free trade (not commercial) vessel, which, under “Piracy under law of nations,” Title 18 U.S.C. 1651 is punishable as a capital crime by life imprisonment (and death, if it’s a blatant act of violent treason). That ought to get them thinking twice about their harassment and racketeering (18 USC 1961-1968) while in the color of law.

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