Welcome to the “iuvdeposit” BLOG. The main purpose is to discuss the new banking paradigm below that will enable the realization and manifestation of the “no-charge” economy that was established on June 5,1933 by Congress (under the Creator’s direction) in resolution HJR 192, Public Law 73-10. This approach can quickly restore America’s economy and national security.

A new banking paradigm is emerging based on people accessing and depositing their own value through public asset instruments operating as lawful money, and underwritten by the value and subsequent monetization of the initial pledge of the people’s labor at their birth, as evidenced by their holding of birth registration certificates. Bills are exposed as “credit vouchers” which, upon simple indorsement and demand for lawful money, are the lawful-money, full-discharge “forgiveness” instruments that fulfill the “discharge upon payment” provision of Congress’s June 5, 1933 HJR 192 resolution by effectively applying that said pledged value as a setoff in accord with its corresponding legislation in 12 USC 411 and 12 USC 95a(2).

Please contribute posts that are related to the above. Hopefully, we can form a core unit to refine and effectively promote this new paradigm.

For access to the private Blog, please email and provide your gMail email address.  Put “Blog Invitation” in the subject field of the email and please briefly describe your background and why you are interested in joining the Blog. Your comment will help determine approval of your request. Your name and email address will NOT be sold. It is needed to allow you access to the Blog.

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