Indorsed Bill Remedy

FRN (Federal Reserve Notes) usage invokes an “Enemy of State” status, which deprives one of all rights and standing under both common law and civil law (statutes).

“We” are enemies because we are not “paying” our debts. It is our own fault.

NOTE: These pages are for educational purposes only, and are not meant or to be construed as legal advice.

This national debt is now threatening our national security, hence why “we” are “enemies”.

BUT – “We” have the power to remedy this – INSTANTLY – STARTING TODAY!

12 USC 411 and 95a(2) are the keys in their system to effect this remedy… the “escape clauses” for the people to be “in” the system but not “of” the system, maintaining the peace between the fiction and real worlds…. until the harvest. (Mt 13:30).

Right now, using the above two USC statutes, we can start using lawful money (USNs in the form of FRNs) to PAY every debt instantly upon receipt.

Each bill one receives can act as lawful money (United States Notes).

See: The Bill is NOT a BILL

Simply see bills as in fact “credit vouchers” which are presented to recipients for simple approval and indorsement (NOTE: This does NOT require prior UCC filings – which are only Notices of something already done).

Anna Von Reitz also has an article that sees bills as credit vouchers.  Click here to see excerpt below.

What appears to be a bill comes addressed to YOUR NAME in capital letters and your address. Unknown to you, this “billing statement” isn’t really a true bill and it isn’t addressed to you. It is addressed to a franchise of a governmental services corporation and the “statement” is actually a voucher allowing you to cash in a “dividend” equal to the amount shown as due and owing– but of course, you are never told this and you are never told how to fill out the coupon for credit.


Anna has a more recent article mentioning this same issue.  Click here to see excerpt below.

The bill collectors must be advised of the fraud against Americans and told to cease and desist their false presumptions and fraudulent billing practices. What we owe, we have offered to pay and have instructed our Trustees to pay.


See Usufruct Surrender section below for more information about how this may be accomplished.

Also see:


This “Indorsed Bill Remedy” is a practical implementation of what both Lincoln and Kennedy intended, and would produce economic recovery overnight!

Google “Lincoln’s Monetary Policy” and “Kennedy Executive Order 11110” for proof of this approach. These two US Presidents were both assassinated because this remedy was THE SOLUTION to ensure national and economic sovereignty.

Google “The Way to outdo England without fighting her” by Henry Charles Carey, 1865. In his “Letter 12“, pages 129-130, he explains the efficacy of Lincoln’s “Greenback” Monetary Policy.  Read this letter to see how an honest labor-backed currency and a simple clearinghouse controlled by the people could turn around our economy in weeks (see excerpt below):

The Currency Question-Carey-Letter 12, p.129

Google “Australian National Liberty Party Monetary Policy” for further clarification of this issue.

What Kennedy did in June 4, 1963, by a simple short Executive Order, we can also do today by a simple demand and indorsement on each bill we receive, and returning it for a “full acquittance and discharge for all purposes of the obligation of the person making the same” per 12 USC 95a(2).


Imagine how quickly we the people could restore America’s economy and security!

The above proposal is not some radical idea.  It has, in essence,  already been proven to work!

And if you doubt that an “indorsed bill” would qualify as a negotiable instrument, then read the account in the Congressional Record of June 10, 1932 where Louis T. McFadden complains that this same type of instrument was being used as negotiable collateral and sent to the Open Discount Market in New York  City to pay for bootlegger purchases with “the public credit of the United States Government“.


The above paradigm shift in seeing bills as in fact credit vouchers is a practical application of President Abraham Lincoln’s monetary policy from 1861-1865, and could, if mandated by government, restore our economy and national security (and sovereignty) within weeks, to wit:

 “It is noteworthy that Lincoln issued this statement of his monetary policy in 1865, just before the end of the civil war. A matter of weeks later, he was assassinated. As the publication date and whole tenor of the document show, Lincoln’s intention was to advance his monetary policy, based upon the government creation of money, and apply it more fully after the war. The motive behind Lincoln’s assassination has never been established, and is usually attributed to the deranged actions of a lunatic. However, it has been speculated many times that Lincoln’s death was connected with the fact that such a monetary policy as he was proposing, if pursued effectively, would have signaled the end of the banking and money power in the United States, and very rapidly everywhere throughout the developing world. Once that one government was seen to be capable of supplying its nation’s monetary needs, others would certainly have followed. The power and profit which national debts and widespread private industrial debts provided to the world’s most shadowy and powerful elite – bankers and financiers – would have soon vanished.” –  The Grip of Death: A Study of Modern Money, Debt Servitude, and Destructive Economics (Jon Carpenter Publishing, 1998), pages 220-221, by Michael Rowbotham

“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become endurated down to a fixture, then that Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.” – Hazard Circular – London Times 1865.

“What is here supposed to have been done [someone issuing his own credit as money and acting as a clearing house for the whole country for buying all labor and products] is almost precisely what has been done by Mr. Lincoln and his Administration… It had so facilitated exchange between consumers and producers, that both parties had been enabled to pay on the instant for all they had need to purchase.” – Letters to the Hon. Schuyler Colfax by Henry C. Carey, 1865, pages 129-130.

See IBR Documents Folder for more research material about this.

Boris’s article entitled “Equitable right to setoff” has related material supporting the above.

CAUTION:  This remedy is UNTESTED and UNPROVEN.  The information presented here is for educational purposes only; no legal advice is given or to be construed.  Notice, however, the “immunity clause” in 12 USC 95a(2) which protects anyone who is making “good faith” payments in reliance upon 12 USC 95a from court actions in that regard.

These sites below provide further discussion about this information:

Usufruct Surrender Remedy

ANNOUNCEMENT: See my new blog about this new remedy at

More discussions about this approach can be found on another blog in a post entitled “Usufruct Surrender Remedy“, and also in this thread.


The INTENT of the documents located herein is to give proper NOTICE to all who are enslaving and abusing people today, and are to be used accordingly as an act of love to warn said people to allow them an opportunity to repent of such violations of the Creator’s Laws and escape the punishments associated therewith. If this NOTICE is not heeded, then an appeal can be made to the Creator to intervene, and thereby fulfill the type intentionally set forth for us today in Exodus 3.7-8.

Anyone who chooses to abuse, misuse or exploit said documents willingly and knowingly agrees to receiving from the Creator the same sort of plagues today that were poured out on those who dishonored the Creator’s requests back then to “Let My People go that they may celebrate a Feast [of Pentecost] to Me in the wilderness” in Exodus 5.1, and to inviting immediate divine intervention for same.

The ultimate issue behind all agendas and controversies today is SLAVERY – certain people wanting to OWN other people and take away their freedom of choice and opportunity to build the kind of character that will enable all to live in an Eternity of happiness and peace, and not of misery and abuse.

This SLAVERY issue was settled back in Exodus, and needs to be respected and followed by all today.

Mt 22:21 provides the Divinely-enforced “line in the sand” regarding the use of FRN-based or USN-based money, and the slavery or redemption associated therewith. The Adversary knows full well that this line cannot be crossed without triggering the fulfillment of Holyday #2, which constitutes the national deliverance of God’s people, and the subsequent immediate rise of the Pentecost Nation as the fulfillment of Holyday #3. This aspect is fully explained at

Your accessing these documents constitutes your agreement to said terms.


5 thoughts on “Indorsed Bill Remedy

  1. I want to contact Boris so I can learn more from him and his friends. I am a man – not affiliated in any way with any government in any capacity.

  2. Have any of you visited this, . The reason I ask is it sounds very much like what you and Boris are attempting. I stumbled across this unexpectedly, wasn’t even looking for this. It interested me for two reasons, It uses AZ SOS and Tucson addresses, very familiar to me. I verified that using Boris’ UCC 1 approach they did in fact refuse the filing for exactly the reason they( whomever they are) point out, that you’re contracting with yourself and is therefore not a real financial document. Arizona is not known to be one of your more forward thinking states. Later on they talk about how you use a Treasury Direct Account with this. Anyway take a look it does vary from your approach. Maybe it will help, maybe not.

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