Lawful Money Demands – Getting Started

Lawful Money Demands
Getting Started

lawful money and full discharge is demanded
for all transactions 12 USC 411, 95a(2)

First, just decide when you want to stop using Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), and start using United States Notes (USNs).

Then, on that date, simply hand-write the demand as I propose above on a deposit slip or check that you issue (see example below). Keep doing that all year, just to create a preponderance of evidence.

Deposit Slip demand

That date then becomes the starting date of your technically not using FRNs, but instead you are now using USNs in the form of presumed FRNs which will be redeemed by the IRS via 1040 Form on Line 21, which will be the grand total of all amounts of all FRN-based transactions for the tax year, starting from your starting date.

It is not our job to prevent the presumed use of FRNs.

12 USC 411 explains our job to just demand lawful money.

The 1040 is the vehicle used by them to reconcile the accounting annually.

So there is no problem with using presumed FRNs for your business. It will be corrected on the 1040, where you have substantive proof that FRNs were never used.

You do not have to wait to accumulate a FUND and then redeem that fund. In fact, that won’t work, because you need to record your demand FIRST before you can start adding USNs to that FUND.

FRNs and USNs both exist on that same piece of paper. Your demand determines what type of currency it is – private credit (FRN), or public money (USN). The piece of paper is neutral, but the default choice is FRNs.

Does this make sense?   If not, click the 1040-Relief tab for more information on this important issue.


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