HJR-192: The KEY ISSUE to bring before a COMMON LAW GRAND JURY

RE: Thread: Persuasion & PSYOPS: The Elaboration Likelihood Model

Hmmmm… try applying “Central Route Processing” to HJR 192 of June 5, 1933… and see if you see what I see… the 2 options

and how the 2nd option is cleverly hidden…

Looks like it worked out quite well for the Fed, huh?

Everyone starting using private credit scrip… and did not realize the 2nd option existed.

But it does exist, IMO… and we should begin demanding FULL DISCHARGE accordingly today, provided, however, one has first established a substantive record of demanding lawful money for all transactions.

Lawful Money Demands make Full Discharge Payments possible!

But besides the wordcrafting of the content of HJR 192, what about the possibility of it being divinely orchestrated to provide a “way of escape” for the people? Consider the dates, the timing of events, the numbers involved, and what those numbers signify as they are commonly seen from a biblical perspective. This will take very focused “Central Route Processing”!

Perhaps https://iuvdeposit.wordpress.com/hjr-192/ and HJR 192 – Indorsement is Payment will help bring this issue into clearer focus…

Then compare this to the IRS position on payments at http://www.irs.gov/Payments and see if they are violating the terms of HJR 192 by only allowing only one “kind” of coin or currency, namely liability currency.

See my “Conditional Acceptance” of said position.

Does this help increase the ELABORATION LIKELIHOOD for this issue?

Shouldn’t this be the KEY ISSUE for CENTRAL ROUTE PROCESSING at this point in America today with its debt ceiling and deficit crises?

Shouldn’t this be the KEY ISSUE to bring before a COMMON LAW GRAND JURY (https://iuvdeposit.wordpress.com/grand-jury) in each county?

Doesn’t compelled use of liability instruments in direct violation of HJR 192 constitute the imposition of involuntary servitude/slavery by perpetual indebtedness?

Does’t this provide probable cause to bring forth claims of harm and injury to every man and woman so compelled?

Once one returns an indorsed bill along with a Notice and Demand and this payment is dishonored without cause?


PM me if you want to discuss this privately. We need to form a private FOCUS GROUP on this issue ASAP.


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